A 6-week weightloss program 

unlike any other.

Are you done dieting, calorie and point counting, journaling, and forcing yourself to go to the gym

And yet...

Still Really Want to Lose Weight?

There's a way to get both! 

The goal of this Wickedly Wild Weight Winning program is to help you completely stop all the madness in your mind about dieting and exercising and food and your body and your weight, and promises you peace of mind in these areas and confidence in knowing what is the right path for you to lose weight now.

No more food thoughts.

I personally promise you this result, or I will give you all your money back.

Want your crazy thoughts about food and your body and your weight to just stop.

...because you just can't take it anymore.

This program is for you if you...

I designed this course for kind, conscious, and committed people who are ready to do the work that most people never do in order to have the healthy relationship with their food and bodies that they know they really want.

If You...

HIGHLY value your health

Know everything there is to know about weight loss, nutrition, and health

Wish there was a way you could feel free from "Food Prison"--constant thoughts about food, dieting, and exercise

Are open to trying alternative health approaches

Want to learn how to Eat to Live rather than living to eat

Enjoy understanding the true WHY's of life

Are a go-getter! When you make up your mind, you're on fire!

Value the tremendous support and comfort of working in a group and with a weight loss expert who understands what you are challenged with and knows how to get you where you need to go

Are open and ready to truly begin living your life without food always weighing you down

Love the idea of doing all this from the comfort of your own home and participating virtually


This Weight WINNING Program is for You!

This is the way out of “food prison” and the way toward your ultimate and sustainable weight loss journey.


Weight loss is a topic very near and dear to my heart, and so therefore you are very near and dear to my heart.

Join me and let’s move you towards your ultimate freedom from food, shall we? It's time for you to feel peace...

So...Are you ready to Ditch your fat thoughts and finally win the weight loss game for good?

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Here's what my previous

Weight Winners had to say...

"A unique, fun, and effective program to not only help shape your body but to help shape your mind and get to the root of your weight loss struggles. Leslie has helped me get closer to my weight goal. This program is a MUST!"

Sandra Delaney-Cunniff, Albany, NY

"I don't finish a meal and immediately think 'that was fun! when can I do that again?' and as a result time and energy have opened up to focus on things I actually enjoy and want to be doing! If more people approached overcoming struggles with weight and food by using Leslie's system, we would live in a healthier, happier world!"

Angela Kaufman, Albany, NY

“Leslie has helped me reach a point in life where I can now walk away from certain foods that I used to 'hear calling my name,' I always found an excuse to snack saying I deserved it for whatever reason, now I find myself having the same immediate gratification by being able to say no, I don’t really want it!”

I want to get you feeling as good as these people do now…

Life tastes much sweeter 

when food is put in its proper place!

You will be able to:

  By the end of these 6 weeks, 

Apply a POSITIVE spin to weight loss

Kick emotional/unnecessary eating habits for good

Let go of any anxiety/incessant thoughts about food/weight loss/exercise for real and for good

Be open & accepting & loving of ALL of you and your actions with food.

Feel confident about yourself what is the right path for you to lose weight 

Feel happier, healthier, and more free in ALL areas of your life

Lots of resources for knowing which means to losing weight is right for you now--judgment free. No path is wrong. Your path is yours. Your life is yours.








Program Details

The program starts when you sign up.

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Let's Talk Value

The biggest value of the Weight WIN program is YOUR FREEDOM!



Book your free 15-minute call with Leslie below.

So...Are you ready to Ditch your fat thoughts and finally win the weight loss game for good? 

Book a free 15-minute call below

“Working with Leslie brought so much awareness to my “internal dialogue,” which was working against me. (Who knew? Leslie did!) I was able to quiet that internal critic and shift my thought process. As a result, I put food “in its place.” 

I no longer eat out of boredom or procrastination, but when I’m hungry. I listen to my body for signs, and not the clock on the wall telling me it’s time to eat.”

Email me at Leslie@LeslieMThornton.com 

for questions regarding this program !

Best gift you could ever give yourself.

Guaranteed or your money back.